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Food Shopping in Vieques!

Many people  ask what they need to bring with them when they come to Vieques.
What can't we get there? I'm on a special diet! Or, I'm a vegetarian. 

While you're obviously not going to bring everything with you, everyone has their special needs. Click on the Bold Text below for more info on the different stores.

There are two Supermarkets, Superdescuentos Morales, on the island for your major shopping. They are located on Rt. 200 in Monte Santo and in downtown Isabel Segunda. They can supply you with most of your fresh vegetables for salads and many of your cooking needs.

There are also many fruits that, when in season are absolutely wonderful. These are mostly available from hawkers and roadside stands. Most neighborhoods have at least one colmado, which is the equivalent of a Quick Mart or 7-11. And Esperanza has the Green Store (aka:La Tienda Verde)which falls somewhere between Supermarket and colmado.

We also have a large outdoor vegetable Vendor, Vieques Fruit Market, across from the school near the eastern end of Isabel Segunda on the north side. This is near the intersection of Rt. 200 on 997. They, too, will have most of your vegetable needs. They have a large refrigerated trailer full of fruit, fresh herbs, vegetables, and juices.

Also on Rt. 200 in Monte Santo, west of town, is Vieques Health & Gourmet Foods.

We also have a small grocery that caters to Organic food lovers, Zee Store. The store was sold and is working on it's permits right now.

If you're a hot sauce freak, you'll be able to find our local "Coqui Fire" products in many of the gift shops on the island in addition to a few off-island products as well.

There are three Panaderias or Bakeries on the island. Panaderia Lydia in Isabel Segunda, up from the ferry near the Hotel Ocean View, is right outside my window. So in the morning, I awaken to the smell of the local fresh warm bread, pan de agua. The panaderias also have pastries, cakes, sandwiches, and espresso. If you click on the links, you will find more detailed info of their offerings. Also in Isabel Segunda is Panaderia La Viequense and in Esperanza is La Dulce Esperanza.

Vieques is getting more and more like the real world, and is starting to be able to offer selections to satisfy most diet types and palettes. It's also fun to visit all the stores to see what they have to offer!

After all, shouldn't your vacation be a delight to your sense of taste and smell as well as the vision of Paradise?!

If these spots don't answer your questions, you can always,
ASK JIM!  If it's available here, I'll probably know about it.

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