Welcome to my Vieques Travel Blog for 2009

Iíve been kind of bad and havenít shared my returns to Vieques for a few years, but as things donít really change too much, you probably havenít missed a whole lot.

Thereís been a change of government, a nightclub opened in one of the old munitions bunkers and they have a BIG loudspeaker truck that goes around advertising, a few people have eliminated their vehicles hitting horses, which is one of the most serious road problems on the island, and the electricity and water still go off from time to time.

So, all in all, there hasnít been much change. There is talk of a bridge to the main island and the conversion of the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station in Ceiba into the ďCaribbean Riviera.Ē Of course there are those that see that as a threat to the tranquility of Vieques, but I see it as an opportunity for more people to ďexperience the Eco-tourism in Vieques and ultimately a boon to the economy. There is change coming and change is inevitable in order that the island grow, for if there is no growth, then itís dying. Evidence is the Vieques of yesteryear, where if it werenít for the artificial support of the US government, the economy was essentially dying. People always manage to make do, but most were not really happy. If greed is not the pervasive future attitude of those in power, then the entire population has the opportunity to be prosperous. Isnít that what we want for everyone?

This has nothing to do with my trip to the island, this or any year. I visit, because I love the island, the people, and want to see how it is growing into its prosperity, and it is, in spite of its slowness. This is probably a good thing, because it means that everyone has a chance to voice their opinion. It offers a bit of transparency in the process.

In Peace,

Jim Starke

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